May 4, 2009

Microlog Maven Help Wanted

As you might know I am working with the new Microlog V2.0 release. From the beginning I knew that I needed to do some re-factoring of the code and add some new functionality. The re-factoring was fairly easy, but the logging hierarchy and the new configuration has taken more time than expected. What is bothering me right now is the fact that there is a lot of other work to do. The most work is Maven related. I am not very fluent in speaking Maven, so it is a huge step for me. But coming to think about it, I have found out that I could use the power of open source development; getting help from others. I have therefore posted a "Maven Help Wanted" in the Microlog forums. But I might ask you, the blog readers, about help as well. If you are interested, please contact me and be a part of the Microlog project. For your convenience I have pasted the original post here. Please join the discussion in the Microlog forums;


I am working hard on the Microlog V2.0 release. But I have found out that I need help with some Maven related tasks.
Could you PLEASE help me out?

I feel that I need to focus on the coding work and I am not very good with Maven.
If you are good at Maven it should be easy to do the tasks that I suggests.
So help is really, really very much appreciated!

Here comes a description of the tasks that I feel that we need to perform.

===== Maven Tasks =====

* Two distributables; one binary and one source code distribution.
* Get the deploy task to work. The Maven repository is not up-to-date.
* Enable the Eclipse Maven plug-in.
* Write a "Developer Getting Started Guide". How to check out, install Maven, use Maven to create Eclipse projects, etc.
* Include the Android project in the Maven build.
* Get the testing and code coverage to work.

A more detailed description of the task "Two Distributables":

* There binary distribution needs to the broken down to small jars. I suggest the following jars:
- microlog-core.jar
- microlog-common.jar
- microlog-midp.jar
- microlog-spot.jar
- microlog-android.jar

Note: these correspond to the new sub-packages found in Microlog V2.0

* The binary distribution should have a directory structure like this:

/jars - all the jars
/bin - all the servers as binary jars or even better as .exe files.
/docs - all the docs
/docs/javadocs - all the javadocs

* The source code distribution should have all the projects packaged in their own directory, like this

... etc

I could have missed out on something, please comment on my suggestion. If you want to perform a task, please inform the rest of us.
I will create tasks in the SourceForge task list, so we can keep track on the progress of our work.

Any takers?

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boby said...

I see there are no comments on your post although it's quite old.
I am not the biggest specialist in maven, but I think I can help. if you still want help write me a mail to