May 7, 2009

Detecting Flight Mode (Kind of) in Java ME on a Nokia Mobile

The other day I wrote an article about how to detect flight mode. But it did not cover how to solve it on a Nokia phone. On a Nokia phone, like a Sony Ericsson phone, there is no system property to detect flight mode. On the other hand, if we asume that what we really are interested in checking if the network is available or not, we have a solution on a Nokia phone. If we check this, we can make the MIDlet smart, e.g. setting it in off-line or on-line mode.

The solution is very simple:

String networkAvailable = System.getProperty("");

// Warn the user that the network is not available and off-line mode is used
// Network available => we could work as normal.

The trick here works on the Nokia S60 platform FP3, or later. I have not found out a solution on a Nokia S40 phone. Does anyone know?

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