Nov 17, 2010

Öredev 2010 - Some Thoughts

Öredev 2010 is over and it is time for me write some words about the conference. What I like about the conference is that has an interesting mix of tracks; Java, .NET, Agile, Web Development etc. It is always nice to broaden your views. New this year was the Xtra(ck). The Xtra(ck) contained sessions that had nothing to with software development, or at least very far from it. For example there was a session called "Understand Hypnosis". These session was definitely a way to broaden your mind. I liked the "Photographic Composition and Creativity" and the photo walk both with Amy Archer. Thanks for the tips during the photo walk!

Also new for this year was the Öredev puzzle application. The application was designed around the concept of being social. Each participant got a puzzle code within the application. By sharing your code you got a piece of the puzzle. As a bonus you got the contact information for the person whose code you entered. Each person to finish the puzzle got an Öredev t-shirt and was participating to win some great prizes. The application was available for Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone. The application also contained the schedule and speaker bios. A real nice application. Next year I hope to see an improved version. For example, integrating your own schedule would be great.

And here are some photos from the conference. Enjoy!

Öredev 2010 - Get Real

Speaker Dinner at Malmö City Hall

Developers Competing

Hard to Choose the Righr Track?

Even Doll showing of Some Nice Xcode Tricks

Coffe Lounge

Jack Nutting about Making Money in Appstore

John Seddon

Marcus Zarra on Core Graphics

The Audience
Library by Night

And that is the wrap. See you next year!