May 8, 2009

Android, Android, Android and Some More Android

Android is getting a lot of attention right now, both from me and a lot of other people. Recently I attended a breakfast seminar about business opportunities with Android. The author of the book "The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development", Mark Murphy, gave an interesting presentation on the subject. After a brief technical introduction, Mark spoke about the business opportunities. As I gathered, he mostly used the classical open source business opportunities, more or less. Nevertheless the presentation was good. The most interesting part of the breakfast seminar was actually the fact that it was really crowded. I would guess that there was around 200-300 people there, which is very much for a breakfast seminar i Malmö. I meet a lot of old colleagues and all was very positive about Android.

I have just attended the "Advanced Android" course by WayEducation. It was really good and gave insight into the inner workings of the Android platform. I am looking forward to start programming Android for real, in a real project. But that is just around the corner, since it is part of our product backlog.

Last but not least I have ported some parts of Microlog to work on Android. The core is the same for Java ME and Android, but opening a file or a network connection is different. On the other hand writing the actual data is done the same way, e.g. to an OutputStream. This shows that even though Android not officially is Java, we could re-use Java code.

It will be interesting to follow what happens with Android, the platform, the community and the phones. Only time will tell.

What are you opinions/experiences with Android?

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Anonymous said...

Android certainly has gained a lot of momentum and once again we are faced with the challenge of finding the right competence to take advantage of the business opportunities created. It is therefore not surprising that Android-seminars and courses are popular.