Nov 9, 2008

Using Eclipse MTJ for Java ME (J2ME) Development

A while ago I was experiencing pre-verification problems with EclipseME. Rather annoying I must say. I spent several useless hours before getting it right. This is when I decided to upgrade to Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ), even though it has not reached v1.0.

Eclipse MTJ is the official Eclipse plugin for Java ME (J2ME) development. I was started several years ago, but did for some unknown reason never took off. On the other hand, EclipseME, developed by Craig Setera, was actively developed. I must say that I am impressed by the work Craig has done with EclipseME. Fortunately foundation did something about the situation with Eclipse MTJ; they started "from scratch" with the source code. They imported the EclipseME code into the Eclipse MTJ project, which replaced the old code.

You might wonder what are the reasons for using the Eclipse MTJ. First of all I have not had any problems with the pre-verification since I upgraded, which save me a lot of time. There are numerous bugs that has been removed, and the environment feels more stable. Another reason is that all of the Java ME specific menus is easier to access. For example; the Java ME project wizard is accessible at the same level a standard Java project. I believe that it is important to support great open source project like this. One of the best way to do so, is by using it and providing feedback.

For those of you that already have EclipseME installed I recommend the article "Converting to Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java". The rest of the bunch could use the same article, but skip the migration part.


Soulsister said...

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Mr. Thumb said...

Yesterday I encountered microlog by googling "logging for j2me". And I am so happy. Thanks a lot for this great job!

I have a question about how playing with source code checked out from svn into eclipse. The one I tried is microlog-logger-core from trunk. Out of box it doesn't seem to be a Java ME project. And class IOUtil is red with compile error: missing So what is the recommended way to do the checking out and setting up a working mtj project inside my eclipse? Note mtj is already working fine for my other Java ME projects. thx again!

My Open Source Software Development Blog said...

I suggest that you read the article "Powerful Logging in Java ME" ( to get an understanding for how Microlog works. The examples are made with NetBeans, but is easily applied to Eclipse.

In general it is much easier to use the pre-compiled jars to get started with Microlog.

The Connection class should be provided as long as you use a MIDP device. Please check that the Connection class is in your run-time classpath.