Nov 20, 2008

Öredev 2008: Agile, Scrum & Boom Chicago

The 2nd day of Öredev was very long and thrilling. As a change I attended a lot of non-technical sessions. The first session was called "Scrum @ Yahoo" held by Gabrielle Benefield. She presented her own story about the introduction of Scrum within Yahoo. The story was presented in a funny and intense way. One thing that struck me was that the managers was afraid to loose their jobs when introducing Scrum. As she pointed out correctly; Scrum is very developer centric. For some reason I have never done this reflection. The same concern was also raised by Allan Kelly. But they seemed to have the same opinion; the managers should not be afraid of loosing their jobs. The most funny slide from Gabrielles session was the one above. This tells a lot about the power of Scrum.

During the day I had the privilege to meet up with Terrence Barr in person. He is a Sun Evangelist and Ambassador for the Mobile and Embedded Community. We had some interesting discussions about Microlog, the Mobile and Embedded Community and about the Java ME Open Source community in general.

We ended of the evening with some refreshing drinks and snacks. The improvisation group Boom Chicago entertained us with an funny interactive show. After the show I was pretty tired and got home rather early.

Here are the rest of the photos from day 2 at Öredev 2008:

Terrence Barr and me at the Öredev entrance.

Learn the Scrum way from Gabrielle Benefields presentation. Note; this is not the way Scrum should be introduced.

The keynote speaker of the 2nd day; James Bach.

James Bach showing a photo of where his laptop last was seen, namely the the central station in Stockholm, Sweden. He was a little bit disappointed that there was no swedish polices at the station on a Sunday afternoon.

The Boom Chicago group entertaining us.

"Mick Jagger" and "Amy Winehouse".

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