Nov 8, 2008

How I Created the Microsuite Website with Google Sites

I have been thinking about creating the Microsuite website for a long time. In fact it was several months ago that I registered the domain The thing is that it does not amuse me very much to create websites. The latest couple of months has been filled with a lot of more interesting stuff. It has been very hard for me to prioritize between all the projects that I am involved in. There are still a lot of work with Microlog, there are many ideas that I want to try out for Microinstall, and I also want to be an active part of the Voxtr project. So on, and so fourth.

Just the other day I ran across Google Sites. It is a service that is built on top of a wiki software, formerly known as JotSpot. But you do not need to know any HTML at all :) At least that is what they claim on the Google site information pages. So this seemed like a perfect choice for me. I already knew what information I wanted to put on the site, so it was merely some hard work that was ahead of me. My experience it that computer related stuff does not always takes the time you wish it would do. Most of the time it takes much longer than expected, at least when you try something new. To my surprise this was an exception. I spent only one evening creating the first version. Rather nice!

For those of you that has not visited the Microsuite website, I can tell you a little bit about what it is. The Microsuite is a collection of the Micro projects that I am involved in. To this date they are; Microlog, Microinstall & Microproperties. Microlog is a logging tool for Java ME developers. Microinstall consists of some small classes that makes it easy to distribute your MIDlet(s). The Microproperties project has not yet delivered any code, but the intention is to create a good properties framework for Java ME. The plan is to create the code from scratch, with some inspiration from the properties classes found in Microlog. Please visit the Microsuite website to find out more about the different projects that are part of Microsuite.


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