Nov 3, 2008

LWUIT Makeover demo

Ever since I heard about LWUIT for the first time, I have been following its progress. The LWUIT toolkit is an alternative to LCDUI. It is inspired by Swing, but is not a port of Swing. If you are looking for a port of Swing, take a look at JSR-209 "Advanced Graphics and User Interface Optional Package for J2ME Platform". I have not heard of any phone that implements JSR-209, but the SavaJE phone, which is not in production. But LWUIT is reality today. Since I consider myself as a fluent writer in Swing-lish, it was easy for me to get started with LWUIT. But I must admit that I have not done any real projects with LWUIT yet, but I have tried it out. It looks rather promising. Today I noticed a new LWUIT demo that was rather impressive.

What do you think about LWUIT?

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