Mar 2, 2009

Microlog Work During the Weekend

During this weekend I finally started my work on the new Microlog V2.0.0. The first thing I did was to implement support for client identification. I did it by adding a property to the Logger that is called clientID. The clientID must be set manually. Since I plan to change the configuration classes, I did not put any effort in adding support for this in existing configuration classes. This will be implemented when I change to to Microproperties.

I have added support for showing the clientID. The SimpleFormatter and ConfigurableFormatter always prints the client ID, if not null. It is possible to use the PatternFormatter as well. You use the %i to print the clientID. It is as simple as that.

The developer have the option of setting the clientID manually or letting Microlog create a unique clientID. I still need to figure out an automatic way of creating a unique clientID. I will have to get back on that.

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