Mar 22, 2009

Microlog Group @ LinkedIn

One networking forum that I really like is LinkedIn. It is a proffesional networking forum, not focusing on the social aspect like Facebook. I have learnt to know a lot of people through LinkedIn. Many of my present and former collegues and friends are there as well. There are many interesting groups at LinkedIn, like the FOSS Proffesionals Group.

I have had the idea of creating a Microlog group lingering around in my head for some time. During the weekend I finally decided to create a Microlog grup. When the decision was made, the registration was simple. I used the new project description and added a group description. Unfortunately the existing Microlog icon did not comply to the required criteria, but I settled with the LinkedIn default icon.

Please join the Microlog group at LinkedIn.


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I think Linked is a heuag networking,In this way the users are know about many great personalites of the world and also meet him.In my point of view it is a very good way of collecting useful information.
Thanks for sharing about your new project.

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My Open Source Software Development Blog said...

Yeah, I love those autogenerated comments so much :)

Anybody knows how to avoid things like this?

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