Feb 4, 2010

R.I.P. Kenai - Microlog4Android has been Moved

I admit it. I was wrong. It is not business as usual for microlog4android. Yesterday I got an e-mail explaining that Kenai will be shutdown. But fortunately there are other hosting options. I wanted to move the project as fast as possible and have a simple solution. I was recommended by my esteemed colleague Hugo about using Google Code together with GitHub. Google Code allows a project to use other service, such as GitHub, when Google Code  is not sufficient enough. Moving the source code was rather simple. The part that took time was to generate a new SSH key for my new computer. The nice thing with git is that all the history is preserved.

To move the source code from the Kenai git repository I did the following:

git pull git://kenai.com/microlog4android~source-code-repository

git remote add git@github.com:johanlkarlsson/microlog4android.git

git push origin master

It was as simple as that. The first line was needed to pull the source code out from Kenai, since I had no backup copy on my new computer. So for a user with the code on his computer, it would be even simpler.

Right now it is time for me to relax a little. I know I have a lot of things to do tomorrow at work. Please stay tuned for more updates about microlog4android.

The project:

The source code: