Feb 2, 2009

Memory Logging Available for Microlog with MemoryBufferAppender

Ever since the holidays I have been busy doing other things than working on my open source projects. Fortunately there are other that have been working hard.

The most important improvement is the new MemoryBufferAppender. It is used when you want to log into memory. I think that this is good in scenarios where you want to log, but has very little performance impact. Logging to file or the RMS could be slow on some platform, whereas memory logging should be the fastest solution on all platforms. You could choose if you want to log into a cyclic buffer or to a fixed buffer. When the fixed buffer is full, the logging stops.

The code is only available from the repository. If you already have the latest snapshot of Microlog available, it would be enough to only download the MemoryBufferAppender. I will be doing a snapshot release within a few day.

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Shopping Cart said...

This is such a nice effort for memory logging.I appriciate Your works,It is also the good news for the users the Microlog is also avaliable here.