Jan 27, 2009

Maven Problem Solved

The Maven problem that I had the other day has been solved. It was simple a matter of configuration for ProGuard. The problem is described in more detail here. Thanks Karsten for helping me out with this problem.

This brings me to the next topic; there is a new snapshot release of Microlog available. The changes are:
  • Added the ability to print the absolute time with the PatternFormatter. The %d is used for this purpose, to be compatible with Log4j. The date format specifiers are also available; ABSOLUTE, DATE, ISO8601.
  • The ByteArrayOutputStream that is used for creating log data in the RecordStoreAppender was closed, which is not necessary. This has now been changed.
  • Added some useful printouts for the RecordStoreAppender and the RecordStoreLogViewer.
I think that the first item is the most interesting one. The PatternFormatter is almost as capable as its Log4j counterpart. I am looking forward hearing from developers out there, giving feedback about this release.

Please download.

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