Oct 30, 2008

New Snapshot Version of Microlog is Available

The Microlog project is as vivid as ever. A lot of things are improving at the moment. It is time for you to try it out.

Important updates:
* CLDC 1.0 compliant, except for the PatternFormatter class. Use the source code version to use Microlog with CLDC 1.0. The binary variant of Microlog is compiled with CLDC 1.1
* MIDP 1.0 compliant.
* Performance improvements.
* Microlog4SPOT code is now merged. It is now possible to use Microlog for Sun SPOT devices.
* The Microlog instrumentation tool is now available. This let you log things like the line number in your code.

Please download and provide us feedback!

Download Microlog snapshot.

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