Nov 8, 2009

Öredev Reflections

I have just finished 3 intense day at the Öredev conference here in Malmö. As always I have a lot of thoughts, ideas and inspiration after attending a conference. These are my reflections from the conference:
  • I was missing a sessions about Android. Everybody is talking about the Android platform, but I wonder how many developers are actually developing for Android. It would be interesting to hear about some real Android projects. But maybe next year we will have some Android sessions?
  • I was surprised by the session "Design to Development- Collaborating and Communicating Interaction Design". I have never heard of Theresa Neil before. She has some really good ideas. It was about communication between developers and interaction designers. This is something that I could relate to.
  • My friend and colleague Davor had an interesting presentation called "Snow white and the seven dwarfs". It is a true about Davor (Snow White) and his team of developers (the dwarfs). He introduces the concept of Developers Exploratory Testing (DET), which is a way to do continuous testing in an agile project. The James Bach really liked the way how Davor has taken some ideas by James Bach and evolved them even further. Note: I am one of the dwarfs.
  • Maven 3.x has some genuinely interesting news. The thing that I would like to try out the most is the new Maven console. I hope that it will help me to do faster builds.
  • The keynote by Scott Hanselman was interesting. He gave some nice hands on tip for improving your efficiency as a developer.
  • I have been registered as a Twitter user for some time now. Never used it much for anything other than Microlog news. During the conference I twittered a lot. I used the "I Tweet" Android client. Now it feels like I am hooked on Twitter. The Tweets was displayed on large screens all over the place, so it became very popular for many attendees. In fact tweets about #oredev was on the top list for Scandinavia.
  • I attended a session by Neil Ford that was interesting. He is the author of "The Productive Programmer", a book that I recently read. As the name implies it is all about productivity for programmers.
  • Some interesting stuff going around with the Java app store. I have always wondered why Java desktop applications are so underrated. I hope that Java desktop apps will get more popular.
  • Ze Frank is very funny. He has a lot of very interesting social experiments going on and some unusual games.
  • I liked the sauna and dinner on Monday. Did meet some interesting people there like Marc Lesser and Chris Hughes. The Swedish pickled herring on a toast was superb. The main course was Swedish fish, not candy kind, but a codfish.
  • In general a very good conference. Of course I am a little bit biased since my company is one of the founders of Öredev.

That is all that I could remember right now. I guess that I have missed something out. Here are some pictures from the conference:

Marc Lesser about "Doing Less"

Terrence Barr about Java and Open Source

Theresa Neil about Interaction Designers and their interaction with software developers and vice versa.

Davor speaking about "Snow white and the seven dwarfs".

The Öredev Twitter feed. Notice the comments about Davor's presentation.

The No SQL presentation. To the left Emil Eifrem, Adam Skogman to the right. Notice their new definition of NO SQL.

The multi talented Ze Frank was very funny.

An air safety instruction. Notice the wizard to the right.

Chris Hughes about the secrets of the iPhone. Chris is a very cool geek, just the way a geek should be according to me.
Looking for some bugs?

Scott Hanselman and his keynote.