Apr 16, 2009

Microlog Recent Updates

It feels like I have spent ages on re-factoring the Microlog code. When I look in the rear mirror I see two things that has caused the slow progress. First of all there has been a lot of hard decisions that has been made. For example, how should the setup of the logging hierarchy work like? Should I use the same approach that is used in Log4j or should I invent a new and clever way? The answer is that I used the Log4j way, but adopted it to Microlog. The second problem has been the lack development time. Not much to say about that, Microlog is a project that I do on my spare time. Last but not least, everythings seems to take more time than originally planned.

But what has happened? The biggest change must be the new configuration. The configuration has been centralized and I use dependency injection to inject my properties into Microlog. The properties are fetched using Microproperties. This is in fact the first project where I have used Microproperties. This is good since I managed to improve the Microproperties source code along the way. I have spent many hours writing tests for the logging hierarchy and improving the code along the way. As always, I have commited the source code very often. As such the code in the source repository is very much in flux. Do not expect the API to be stable for yet a couple of weeks.

The coming days I plan to adopt all the Appender classes to comply to the new configuration. A nice side effect is that the code will be smaller. Also I will test out the HttpAppender. It is implemented as it is now, but not tested against a server. This is a much awaited feature. I am really looking forward to make this code available for all Microlog lovers.

Please be patient! I am certain that the new version of Microlog will be worth waiting for.

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