Dec 18, 2008

The Microlog Project is Growing

The Microlog projects is growing! My colleague Henrik Larne told me the other day that he has started to use Microlog. He especially liked the BluetoothSerialAppender, which is used for logging to a Bluetooth server on your PC or on another phone. Before I had time to say welcome, he contributed with a better version of the BluetoothSerialAppender. The developer has the opportunity set the server URL, in those cases where the automatic find function does not work. Very handy I would say. I suggested that he would join the project, which he did. All in all we are now four developers. Since we soon will start working on Microlog V2.0, this is very good timing. But that is not all; Henrik wrote an excellent article about how to get started with Bluetooth logging. If you are going to start logging using Bluetooth this article is a good starting point.

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